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One Simple, Powerful System for Creating Total Wellness

NES Health – the new Healthcare Evolution.
Through its pioneering work with medical doctors and acupuncture therapists over the last decade, NES Health has not only discovered – and mapped – the human body field but it has also managed to integrate this ground-breaking knowledge  with the principles of […]


Taiji is a simple yet profound art form, accessible to everyone for self cultivation, health and longevity.
For centuries it has been practiced in the Orient to achieve and maintain Wellness. Today it is practiced throughout the world as an effective form of exercise to achieve balance both physically and mentally. Characterized by soft, fluid, circular […]



“Your heart is your most precious adviser, asking only for time to synchronize with existence” – Prem Rawat. My journey started many years ago when I discovered my fascination in topics of self discovery, meditation and being able to experience a deeper awareness of myself. Early on, I received a gift called “Knowledge” from an individual known as Prem Rawat, whom I hold very dearly to my heart. This gift, a knowhow, has enabled me to get in-touch with a part of myself that I didn’t know existed and has developed within me, compassion, sensitivity and a knowingness that pervades all aspects of life and living. Throughout the years I have been fortunate to recognize the callings that have captivated me and with one pointed focus, embraced various art forms and healing modalities As a passionate Taiji instructor, a NES Health Certified Practitioner, I have become profoundly aware of the dynamics that influence and shape our wellbeing, happiness and... 

Information & Inspiration

Chen Taijiquan – short form

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of performing and creating this short presentation of Chen Taijiquan for the Nelson International Mural Festival 2020.Thank you to the Nelson & District Arts Council and its Executive Director Sydney Leigh Black for inviting me.  Read More

NES Health – Liquid Infoceuticals

Encoded with corrective information that helps the body return to its optimal blueprint for health and wellness, NES Health’s unique line of Infoceuticals is based on proprietary and extensive mapping of the human Body-Field over the past 30+ years.    Read More

Harry Massey at BINM 2015

Harry Massey’s presentation at the “Academic Symposium and Industry Expo 2015” which took place in Vancouver BC, put on by the Boucher Institute Of Naturopathic Medicine (BINM). I had the good fortune of being invited in the capacity of practitioner – representing NES Health – Total WellNES System. Harry Massey is the co-founder of NES Health and the Executive Producer of “The Living Matrix Movie (2009)”, “Choice Point movement (2013)”...