NES Health – Total WellNES System 4R Principles

(Re)Assess with NES Provision software – during the assessment scan, NES Provision will analyse three critical factors to determine your current state of wellbeing.

* The strength and flow of the energy within the body field

* How close the information is to the body’s optimal blue print

* NES Provision will then return an analysis of over 150 systems and sub-systems to show the level of distortion or blockages present and the best routes for correction. This information is ascertained within a minute.

Rejuvenate with the NES miHealth – the next step is to rejuvenate the body’s energy flow through releasing any present energy blockages or trigger points, while also bringing the body’s energy oscillations back to normal.

The NES mihealth device, is a non-invasive hand held device, that is applied to specific ER points (Energetic Rejuvenators as indicated by the NES Provision scan). Application can be either on-body or off-body.

Re-Imprint & Rebuild with NES Infoceutical liquid drops – and finally to steadily re-imprint the body field towards its original informational blueprint.



NES Provision will recommend the infoceuticals most critical for your wellbeing, based on key scanned components of the body-field.

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