Anthony Lee HemYour heart is your most precious adviser, asking only for time to synchronize with existence” – Prem Rawat.

My journey started many years ago when I discovered my fascination in topics of self discovery, meditation and being able to experience a deeper awareness of myself. Early on, I received a gift called “Knowledge” from an individual known as Prem Rawat, whom I hold very dearly to my heart. This gift, a knowhow, has enabled me to get in-touch with a part of myself that I didn’t know existed and has developed within me, compassion, sensitivity and a knowingness that pervades all aspects of life and living.

Throughout the years I have been fortunate to recognize the callings that have captivated me and with one pointed focus, embraced various art forms and healing modalities

As a passionate Taiji instructor, a NES Health Certified Practitioner, I have become profoundly aware of the dynamics that influence and shape our wellbeing, happiness and ultimately our fulfillment.

Sharing knowledge and empowering an individual to discover that true health and wellness is possible, is perhaps the most fulfilling expression that we can do for one another.

I’m compassionate, focused and have the deepest of gratitude for life. I’m here to help and would be honoured to assist in your wellness evolution.