NES Health – TWS™

NES Health – Total WellNES System

First Consultation: Cost – $275.00

(Includes a complete NES Provision scan, Rejuvenation with the NES miHealth, plus 3 – 4 Infoceuticals).

Follow-up consultations: Cost – $95.00

Infoceuticals: $32.00/bottle

Number of infoceuticals recommended per session: 3 – 4 bottles

Sessions are usually 3 weeks apart (which can be adjusted based on individual case)

To enhance the effects of your NES session, additional applications with the NES miHealth are recommended (1/week between NES sessions) to support and enhance infoceutical re-imprinting and rebuilding action.

Cost of additional miHealth device applications: $50.00 (in office)


NES miHealth – standalone session – protocols to address specific Wellness challenges: $60.00