Taiji is a simple yet profound art form, accessible to everyone for self cultivation, health and longevity.

For centuries it has been practiced in the Orient to achieve and maintain Wellness. Today it is practiced throughout the world as an effective form of exercise to achieve balance both physically and mentally. Characterized by soft, fluid, circular movements, Taijiquan has been proven to promote high levels of health, flexibility, strength and longevity. It has evolved to become one of the most effective forms of mind, body exercises.


Anthony offers a wide range of classes for beginners as well as experienced practitioners interested in going deeper into their Taiji practice. Classes include Beginning Yang Style, The 24 Forms, The 42 Sword Form, Push Hands and more.
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History and Credentials

Anthony has been training in Wushu’s Internal Arts since 1995. Focused mainly on Taijiquan which he has found to be a perfect complement to his Martial Arts background.
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