Taiji Testimonials

It has always been a dream to share the knowledge that I’ve gained from years of dedication in the martial arts, firstly Traditional Shotokan Karate (20 years) and Taijiquan (1995 to present). It has been and continues to be an incredible way for self-expression and self-cultivation. Most importantly, the insights gained through proper attitude and understanding in training, influences ones life and way of living. It’s most gratifying to see the expressions from people I’ve had the great good fortune in sharing these insights with. Below are a few…




“Absolutely a joyful, graceful and engaging emissary of the art and way of being—and one who shares and teaches with great good humor and remarkable patience. Thank you Anthony.” – Jim Sellers and Judy Bader

“The class is very professionally taught. We liked the attention to individual participants and detailed explanation. The way the instructor connected the knowledge of Tai Chi with the actual practice. The instructor is passionate about his teaching and is eager to transfer his passion and knowledge to students.” – Natalia & Vladimir Cheiman (March 18th 2012)

“This was an excellent introductory class to the Sun form. It has perked our interest to learn more about other forms of Tai Chi. The instructor has a very smooth and beautiful style.” – Kenneth and Yvonne Fung (March 18th 2012)

“I experienced dramatic results shortly after beginning to practice the Sun style – short form. It has given me a very positive way to relieve stress and pain, as well as improve flexibility and balance. With Anthony’s help, I have discovered a way to calm and re-center myself and will be forever thankful for attending.” – Sandy Polischuk-Eby, Pacific Blue Cross

“Your enthusiasm for the practice of Tai Chi is quite inspirational and it shines through in the text you included in your website. I hope we can successfully put a program together for the staff of Pacific Blue Cross. Sign me up!!!” – Peter Lysne

“I just wanted to thank you for continuing to teach Tai Chi. Your dedication to the art is admirable. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the instruction, your patience, your knowledge and expertise is outstanding. No matter how awkward us beginners are, you always encourage and make your students feel they can achieve their goal. Thanks again Anthony!” – Eleanor Almas, Pacific Blue Cross

“Tai Chi has improved my flexibility, strength and balance. More importantly it has made me more aware of my body as it moves through the 24 forms that Anthony has been teaching us. Anthony is an excellent instructor. His knowledge, skill and humour make learning Tai Chi both interesting and fun…I’m Hooked.” – David Crumpton, Pacific Blue Cross

“Anthony, thank you for your dedication, patience and expertise in teaching Tai Chi. I have been doing Tai Chi for many years and you have rekindled my interest in it. Your form, balance, flexibility and smoothness are an inspiration and a goal for others to accomplish.” – Helen Kita

“Hi Anthony, Michelle and I would like to thank you for opening the Taiji class. We have learned so much from your class. Your in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the art has made learning Taiji entertaining, enjoyable and relaxed. Actually, Taiji has helped me to be more balanced and flexible! We are looking forward to your next 48 forms class. Thank you Anthony.” – Jim and Michelle

“Overall, I found your classes to be amazing! It was very very well taught and you are a very patient Taiji master. I look forward to taking some more of your classes in the future.” – Ken Wong

“Congratulations on completing the Yangfamily Tai Chi 103 Hand Form & Tai Chi Saber seminars in Portland, Oregon with Master Yang Jun. It is an inspiration to see your perseverance and dedication.” – Susan

“When I saw you at Yang Tai Chi seminar in Portland in 2004, I could see your strong passion about martial arts. I know you are a great Tai Chi teacher. Hope we could see each other somewhere, sometime.” – Hideki, Australia